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Learn when, why and how you can use UX processes and methods efficiently.

Access to UX templates

Get access to real-case templates for client and user interviews and design kits.

Learn to Freelance in UX

Learn to onboard clients and manage your freelance projects from anywhere.

What’s inside?

35h of videos lessons
Case study-like Examples
Advanced Hub of links / tools
UX quizzes to test your knowledge
Links for reverse engineering cases

500+ Happy students

Reviews collected during the time students were taking the course

500+ Happy students


Reviews collected during the time students were taking the course


Select what part of the UX process you want to upgrade
User research (15h)

A first part includes:

Planning your design career, project process, stages, methods.
Secondary and analytical research
Primary research conduction
Converging insights into a strategy
User research (15h)

A second part includes:

Creative concepts brainstorming (using design thinking methods)
Concepts validation and selection
Information architecture planning
Usability testing conduction
Save 40%
User research (15h)

Complete course bundle includes:

A complete UX design program packed into 35h of videos
Access to User research course
Access to Design validation course
Two certificates at the completion

This course is for you if:

You struggle from constant client design changes and pointless designs

If you struggle from the lack of project influence and arguments

If you're not happy being a pixel-pusher and want to solve real problems

All-in-one-place Resources to kickstart your UX freelance career

UX tools Templates print-outs
Templates for interviews and surveys
Client Proposal Template
30 UX exercises for all cases
PDF's with all the materials and slides
$250 worth UX goodies and deals

Why I created this course?

My name is Anfisa and I’m a cosmopolitan user-centric designer with the Entrepreneurial mindset and passion for helping creatives.

I’m coming from a post-soviet country with unstable economics. That’s why I lived in the USA, Estonia, Italy, Georgia, China, Czech Republic. Unfortunately, when I was looking for a job in 99% of the cases, only bureaucratic corporations were able to hire me as a foreigner. I wasn’t able to accept it, and thus during the last 8 years, I’ve been freelancing, helping businesses, and launching my own startups.The truth is: It wasn’t easy! I had to go through imposter syndrome, fake it till I make it, overcome my fears, and face a lot of ambiguous situations. Now I want to share with you how you can become a confident and independent designer without conducting the same mistakes I did.

I believe that education starts with friendship and building your confidence. Yes, you can go through the same path I did, but if you won't take the shortcut, then this course is for you.


Guram Sanikidze
I was on lots of courses and training, but most memorable and productive was a course with Anfisa. I learned a lot and with this knowledge, I get my first job as a UX/UI designer.Training with Anfisa is challenging because there is so much to learn and to do. But also enjoyable, because what I learned and done, was very interesting and exciting.

UI/UX Designer and developer at

Temo Baratashvili
Until the course I had slight idea about differences between UX and UI design. Furthermore I was heading towards being graphical designer but after the course understood that UX is my thing.During the course I learn different navigation structures, that there's a thing called error prevention, how people hold their phones, Design systems, etc.

Lecturer and UI/UX Designer at

Alex Janiashvili
My best recommendations to Anfisa as a great UX Design instructor. She's passionate in her job and always does her best to answer all possible questions. Especially I liked two things:
Her attitude and efforts in making a course comprehensive. Secondly, design is not a static discipline, and Anfisa is constantly following all the news in design and taking her course always up-to-date.

Business owner

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Learn theory, get PDF's, resources and useful links. Verify your understanding in quizzes and practice with your own project.

Join community

Get access to UX design freelance community. A Slack channel where you’d be able to share your project and ask for advice.

Get guidance

Monthly live streams (1,5H long)  intended to cover questions on the course material, future classes, and specific practical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts?

If you're a student, shoot me a DM message, I'll share with you 20% off coupon.

How long does the course take?

There are 2 courses. Each takes approximately 15h, so altogether it's 30h long. Be ready, it's quite material-heavy, so there is a chance you'll listen to some topics 2x times. Objectively it should take 45h to complete. So you can take it either slow (one section of 3-4h/week) or intensively (10h/week). On average students complete the course in 2 months.

My country doesn't support Paypal. Can I pay with a card?

You can actually pay with any card, even though it’s not very obvious from Paypal UI.
1️⃣Just click on “Buy now with PayPal”.
2️⃣Then click “Sign up quickly” or "Create account".
3️⃣Then you’ll be able to pay with any card 😊.
The only country that can’t proceed the payment is Bangladesh 🇧🇩 and Lebanon 🇱🇧.
If you have have any issues during the payment process, shoot me a DM message (in instagram here) and we’ll find other ways.

How is your course different from Udemy courses?

On Udemy, as well as many other platforms you get a very good overview of theory, but nothing practical. After completing these courses, you might build the basis, but not Practical confidence.. My goal is not to only to show you the Real cases, modern tools and their applications, but to also support you through the whole process and answer all your questions in the livestreams. You'll get access to all my sources, tools and community to actually build that confidence in the process.

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